Pino Mercurio

He loves travelling and exploring different cultures. 

" The different traditions fascinate me ."

Even if you know nothing about him, after 5 minutes you have the feeling, that you've been friends for a long time

he has taken photographs in many places including,

Miami, New York, Zurich, Dubai, Havana, Venice, Amman, Las Vegas, Jerusalem, Paris, Rome, Taranto, Beverly Hills, Tel Aviv, Milan, Bahamas, Tuscany, Napoli, Varadero, Matanza, Udine, Abu Dhabi, Lake Como

And with each wedding, Pino is always searching for the perfect & creative moment


His photos will amaze you. He can find the beauty in the simplest things.

" Photography is more than a job to me, it's a passion! "

With his many years of experience you can be sure that you've found "the right photographer. "At your wedding he will capture every moments of your very personal experience.

These moments can be spontaneous, humorous, and emotional or even all three of them at once.His only sincere goal is to be part of your wedding party as a friend who you invited to your wedding – and only to be seen and heard when necessary. 

He'll be in the background observing and waiting for the right moments to capturespecial moments, reflecting the wedding couples’ individual personalities and their unique connection, on this special day...

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