Mercurio Social Media Experts 
2005 Diploma in Multimedia Design in Zurich 
2015 Social Media Consulting/Marketing
Social media is changing our world in a fundamental way.
In this new world order, companies are confronted with the need to transform classic business models into digital strategies.
In most cases, the question is no longer whether to become active on social media, but only how.

The goals remain the same: Reduce costs & increase sales. 
As experienced social media marketers (Dipl. Multimedia Designer 2010, X-ART School in Zurich), we know exactly how companies achieve their goals with the right social media strategy. Graphic designers, copywriters and experienced social media managers work together in close coordination.

Facebook Ads
Our partners "like" it. With Facebook Ads campaigns, you can reach fans and new target groups in a targeted manner in the Facebook newsfeed. We take care of a professional campaign setup, target group research, optimisation of ad texts and creatives, bid management as well as the continuous expansion of your Facebook Ads campaigns.

Instagram Ads
Today, people tell stories. With Instagram Ads campaigns, you can reach followers and new target groups in Instagram stories. We take care of a professional campaign setup, target group research, optimisation of image and video ads, bid management and the continuous expansion of your Instagram Ads campaigns.

Google AdWords has been called Google Ads since 2018. 
In modern marketing, there is no way around Google Ads. Practically every potential customer uses Google Search to find out about products and services and to find solutions to their problems.
Our performance-based billing concept is very rare in the field of search engine advertising because it requires a great commitment from the agency. We offer you this service because we believe that performance orientation is the basis for a good cooperation. Why else would you invest money in advertising if you didn't want to get the most out of the campaigns? That is our goal too!
Tailor-made social media consulting
How does your target group live, think and feel? 
How old are the people you want to reach and how do they live? Does your product appeal more to singles or young families? Who do you want to interact with - students or family men? We define your medium and long-term goals and analyse your target group.
Then we work out a social media marketing concept and develop unique campaigns.
Mercurio Dipl. Multimedia Designer + Social Media Marketing
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